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Shopster soups up your shopping list with its geo-learning feature


Shopster is a new app from Quadion Technologies that'll help you avoid that dreaded moment when you realize that you forgot to get that critical ingredient for tonight's dinner. Rather than a static to-do list with date reminders, Shopster uses geo-fencing as a trigger to alert you about items on your shopping list. You can be reminded to pick up a dozen eggs when you pass by the farm down the street or grab a dozen bagels when you are closing in on the bakery downtown.

At its core, Shopster is a shopping list app that is geared toward items that you buy on a regular basis. You can check off items as you buy them and they will be saved to a past purchases list. Their location will also be stored in the app's database. Over time, the app will geolearn the location of your entire shopping list.

When you need to go shopping again, you can easily add purchased items back to your active shopping list. The geolocation feature then kicks in when you are out and about the town. Shopster will track your location and alert you when you are nearing a place that sells an item on your "to buy" list.

Shopster is perfect for the person who shops at multiple nearby stores. You will be reminded to stop at the whole foods market for your veggies, the bakery for your bread and the butchers for your meat. Shopster debuted today in the iOS App Store and is available for US$0.99.

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