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Sunrise for iPhone adds call, text, email features


Sunrise is a free iPhone app designed to make using Google Calendar easier and, through an innovative user interface that makes good use of gestures, it accomplishes that goal. Now the team at Sunrise Atelier has released version 1.1 of the app, adding new features and better integration with LinkedIn.

The new version has added the ability to create recurring events, add notes to events and skip sending invitations to other attendees. But one of the most useful features isn't listed in the "What's New" portion of the app description.

Ellis Hamburger at The Verge points out that now when you add new attendees to a meeting, tapping on their image points you to a contact card with useful information pulled in from Facebook, LinkedIn and Contacts. At the bottom of that card are three big buttons to let you call, text or email that person with a tap.

Hamburger also says that the developers are looking at providing more integration soon to iCloud, TripIt and other services -- "but only once they're good and ready."

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