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WoW Moviewatch: Enter - The Devil


Work Warning: I don't know what this genre is called. But it loud, growling, and mostly screaming. Not much cursing though, not that you can make out the words.

I'll have to do this in two parts. Video first. The music video serves the music fairly well, I guess. The animation is fine, the scenes are fine, and it's all blended together just dandy. While it drags on a little long, and I might have tried to cram in a story, the music video does its just just fine.

The music though. I literally had to Google it to be certain I wasn't getting trolled. I'm not even sure I'm not getting trolled right now. I honestly can't tell. So, I'll just say that this music isn't my cup of joe and maybe you shouldn't listen to this if you're already buzzed on caffeine.

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