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1985 TV show discusses the Apple Macintosh


Ahhh, the early 1980s. Those heady days when the Mac was new, computer user groups were the way that you learned about your Mac (and made copies of software), and the Computer Chronicles was on TV. Today, courtesy of Wired, we get to take a look at a 1985 episode of the classic computer geek show that ran from 1981 until 2002. The episode highlights the Macintosh, "the computer for the rest of us."

In this episode, host Stewart Cheifet and cohost Gary Kildall discuss the first year of the Mac's reign, the 1985 Macworld Expo, and the lack of software for the device at that point. You'll enjoy the haircuts, the suits, the beards and appearances by members of the original Mac team.

The video is a half-hour long and shows you just how far we've come since those almost prehistoric days. If you're fascinated by this trip back in time, many of the episodes of Computer Chronicles are available online.

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