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Around Azeroth: Object impermanence


"If you do any kind of group content, you know about line of sight pulls," writes submitter Gimmlette of Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A). "Generally, the tank bonks a mob or group of mobs on the head and runs around the corner, out of sight, to get them to come to him. Everyone else stays away and just unloads once the tank has the mobs."

"Spectacular Death decided to apply that principle to the Primal Devilsaur guarding the troll boat on the Isle of Giants. They had cleared the boat to the top and then came back down to find the dino waiting for them outside. Warriorjoe volunteered to pull the dino. What could do wrong? Joe would just stay around the corner where the dino can't get him."

"After Joe was flattened, the dino went after Reckittmama, Hyperstoic, Mtwohb and Minaithelan. Guild leader Gimmlette agreed with Joe's comment, 'We're gonna need a bigger boat.'"

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