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3DS eShop cards become Mario AR Cards in Japan


Nintendo's new eShop prepaid cards aren't just used to purchase content on 3DS, they also are content on 3DS. Nintendo is releasing a series of Mario-themed eShop cards, that also work as AR cards with a new Mario photo app made by the Galaxy/Super Mario 3D Land team.

Each denomination comes on a card representing one of two characters: ¥1,000 Goomba or Koopa cards, ¥2,000 Mario or Luigi, or ¥3,000 Bowser or Peach. The 3D models generated by the app show up in photos based on where the cards are placed, just like other photos done with AR cards, and can be posed in different positions and with added effects. Like the Kid Icarus AR Cards, two characters will interact with one another when placed together.

Nintendo of America has yet to make any announcements, of either the cards or the Photo Together Super Mario app. We recommend waiting – you don't want to buy eShop credit you can't use, just to interact with an app you can't download.

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