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Apple headed to court in China over Siri patent infringement claim

Apple is scheduled to appear in court in China this July to defend allegations by Zhizhen Technology Co that its Siri software infringes on patents owned by ZTC. At issue is ZTC's "Xiao i Robot" voice recognition software that the company patented back in 2004. As TechCrunch notes, "Xiao i Robot" can be installed on smart TVs and also used as customer voice recognition software. Last week Apple asked a Chinese court to drop the case, however that request was denied. That means the two companies will appear in court this July.

ZTC says that if its patent infringement claims are upheld by the court it will ask Apple to stop selling products with Siri. It will also seek financial damages. Siri Inc. was founded in 2007, three years before Apple purchased the company to integrate its software into iOS devices.

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