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April Fools' Day around the virtual world


If our awesome Massively Online Kickstarter project didn't clue you in, it's April Fools' Day and liars, fibbers, and jokesters are everywhere. Some might be annoyed with the constant misdirection, but we find that it brings out a lot of creativity and humor in an industry that often needs more of both.

You probably saw Guild Wars 2's incredible (and playable) Super Adventure Box, but that's not the end of the pranks that went around in the virtual world. There are strange new offerings in DDO's store, The Repopulation has an insane list of patch notes, SWTOR announced dance combat, and Puzzle Pirates is allowing players to sail... a barrel. Then there's Super Hero Squad Online's Bag-Man, World of Warcraft's Crabby, World of Tanks' zombies, EVE Online: Odyssey's new features, Razer's Mousephone, and TERA's small-ass monsters trying to get you to turn that frown upside-down.

Those musically inclined will undoubtedly enjoy RuneScape: The Musical, and those in need of a bedtime story should turn to The Elder Scrolls Online. And if you haven't played League of Legends: CHEW, then you haven't lived. Just saying.

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