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Defiance launch day roundup and trailer

MJ Guthrie

We've still got two weeks to wait for the television premiere of Defiance on April 15th, but shooter fans can lock, load, and get in on the Defiance action right now as the gaming half of the Trion and Syfy cross-media experience has officially launched today. Since we don't want anyone sent into battle unprepared, we've gathered plenty of intel for you!

Get the scoop on what awaits you on this terraformed Earth, from villains (like mutants, scrappers, and hell bugs) to weapons to important facts on lore and the planet's new races. We've got a smorgasbord of videos, hands-on experiences, and even a livestream to help you map out your plan of attack before you jump into the fight. After all, the better you know your enemies, the better you can defeat them!

And don't forget the launch trailer; that's tucked behind the break as well.

TV-Defiance's first 14 minutes, game-Defiance's launch teaser
Can't wait until April for Defiance? Head to, then, because the network has posted the first 14 minutes of the upcoming television show to further whet your appetite.
Seeing what it takes to be a Defiance Ark Hunter
What does it take to be an Ark Hunter in Trion Worlds' upcoming Defiance? If the following lore video is any indication, you have to be really into puking, eating mutant lizards, and having needles shoved into the back of your neck.
Get your mod on by watching Defiance's weapons trailer
Normally the emphasis on customization in MMOs is on the characters. However, Defiance may tempt you to focus more on that high-powered weapon you're toting around.
Hands-on with the pre-launch Defiance demo
Defiance: It's a game, it's an MMO, it's an FPS, it's a TV show! Before attending this past week's Defiance pre-launch event in San Francisco, I was aware of only one place on earth where all of those elements have seemingly been mashed-up before in quite this order: South Korea.
Defiance shows off the 99er faction
Defiance's latest video teaser is showing off another villain group. The 99ers, despite their name, do not lure you into their lair with the promise of free popcorn and a markedly robust gluten-free menu; instead, they're crazed former miners who have augmented themselves with extensive cybernetic hardware.
'Shadow War' PvP is the star of new Defiance gameplay trailer
Come April, players won't just be facing the likes of giant mutated bugs and partially sentient robots in Defiance, they will also have the chance to face off against each other.
Hell bug highlighted in new Defiance enemy intel video
As any soldier, spy, or gun-for-hire knows, gathering intel is an important aspect of assessing risk and making a plan of action to get a job done.
Defiance teases players with a video for Ark Hunter Chronicles
Defiance is certainly giving potential players lots of videos to watch. That's not entirely surprising considering the game's whole cross-media synergy angle, but it's exciting for anyone who prefers a moving picture to straight text.
New Defiance enemy intel video highlights the Scrappers
Ready for another Defiance enemy intel video? Last time Trion filled us in on the game's interspecies horde of scavengers known as the Raiders.
Defiance teaches players how to deal with raiders
Raiders. They're an ever-present threat, always asking you to fill out the last healing slot or asking if you'll pass on a needed gear upgrade so.
Trion to launch Defiance on April 2, full live-action trailer revealed
Trion has announced that the MMO third-person shooter half of its two-headed Defiance monster is set to be released on April 2nd. The other half is of course the upcoming television show which ties in to the game via some sort of mysterious transmedia secret sauce.
Defiance video spotlights mutants
Those planning on picking up Defiance and spending some time in this war-torn world come spring should be prepared for the horrors that they'll face.
The Defiance MMO gets a trailer, too
Trailers aren't just for TV shows, no sirree. Syfy's TV show Defiance got a new trailer today, but the fun doesn't stop there! Trion Worlds' video game Defiance got a trailer all of its own -- and it's pretty shiny, if we do say so ourselves.
Von Bach Industries website offers Defiance beta signups, lore
Trion has taken the wraps off a new promotional website for Defiance. The site is an in-character affair festooned with videos, lore, and of course a beta signup form for the upcoming MMO shooter.
Defiance producer discusses EGO, payment models, and more
Although games have been based on other media such as movies, television shows, and comics, no one has blended an MMO and a media property into one interactive world.
Learn about the races and cultures of Defiance
Defiance is continuing its march to release with another making-of video. This time, the subject is the culture, makeup, and languages of the inhabitants of Defiance.
Defiance takes the lid off of its open world PvP
"Player vs. player in Defiance is like nothing console players have ever seen," promises Trion Worlds Creative Lead Bill Trost. "Everything's different, everything's fresh, every time you play.
Two Defiance videos emerge from SDCC
Two new videos about Defiance, the upcoming third-person shooter coupled with a television show, have emerged from San Diego Comic-Con 2012. While sometimes only snippets of videos highlighting key things get released, the first video actually serves folks who couldn't attend to the entire Defiance panel.
E3 2012: The world of Defiance
Can Defiance work? The cross-media venture between Trion Worlds and Syfy is one of the most interesting projects in the industry right now, if for no other reason than that a TV/MMO crossover has never been done before.
PAX East 2012: Defiance's first-ever combat trailer
PAX East is kicking into high-gear today. Studios are all over the floor showing off their latest trailers and demos, and Trion Worlds is no exception.

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