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BioShock Infinite: Siege of Columbia, the strategy board game


BioShock Infinite: Siege of Columbia tells the tale of Columbia from a fresh perspective: the tabletop.

Plaidhat Games is working on the board game port version of BioShock Infinite, which features two warring factions from the game, the Vox Populi and Founders. Commanding "mobs of combatants," each team attempts to conquer the districts of Columbia, the city in the sky; the Founders wish to control it, while the Vox Populi intend to bring it crashing down.

The video game's main characters, Booker and Elizabeth, play a role in the board game, forcing players to "reconsider their strategies as the two cut a path through the burning city."

Siege of Columbia is available for pre-order now, at a discounted price of $60 from Plaidhat Games (normally $85). It's currently under construction and will ship in two to five months.

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