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Darkfall Unholy Wars to launch April 16

Shawn Schuster

Any Darkfall fan can tell you that it's been quite a wild ride from the launch of the original game in 2009 through the waiting period for Unholy Wars to release. Just do a search on this site for the keywords "Darkfall" and "delay" and you'll feel their pain. But the wait is almost over as Aventurine has announced a final release date of April 16. That's 2013, folks!

Sardonics aside, we imagine the dev team wants to make sure the game is done right this time, which is the whole point of Unholy Wars in the first place. New features like salvaging, Prowess Points, the Primalist role, and Steam integration will make for a fuller experience, and fans of the game can then judge if Aventurine's claim of creating the "best PvP MMORPG experience" will hold true.

[Thanks to Robert for the tip!]

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