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id Software co-founder Tom Hall joins Diner Dash dev PlayFirst


Tom Hall has signed on with PlayFirst, the publisher of GameLab's downloadable hit Diner Dash. Hall was a co-founder of id Software, and later worked on Duke Nukem, Deus Ex, Anachronox and other highly regarded video game franchises.

Hall will serve as principal designer at PlayFirst, and is drawn there by "the fast-paced and creative atmosphere of mobile gaming," he says in a post. Though he is better remembered for his past contributions, Hall's recent experience involves stints at mobile and social gaming studios KingsIsle Entertainment and Loot Drop.

Before joining PlayFirst, Hall attempted two Kickstarter campaigns with no success: the "old-school RPG" Shaker with Brenda Brathwaite and the Worlds of Wonder create-your-own-platformer project.

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