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Report: Doom 4 development still rocky, Rage 2 canned


Doom 4 is locked in development Hell – even for Doom, that's not a good thing. Since its announcement in 2007, developer id Software has completely rebooted Doom 4's development at least once and still doesn't have much to show as far as an actual game goes, Kotaku reports. The website provides the following breakdown from a series of anonymous people:

Doom 4 began as a Call of Duty-inspired shooter, with cinematic, scripted sequences, but after the lukewarm launch of Rage in 2011, id took another look at the project and started from scratch. Within that process, Rage 2 was canceled and id tried to merge the Rage and Doom teams, to focus solely on Doom 4.

By January 2012, id wanted Doom 4 to be as big as Skyrim, but the disparate teams had trouble finding a groove. Additionally, much of the project's "top talent" left id throughout 2012. This year, Zenimax, id's parent company, issued an ultimatum that could see id cleaned out to refocus on tech, two people tell Kotaku.

For now Doom 4 is still alive, though it may not be immortal. In October 2011 and February 2012, Doom 4 had two cancelation scares, each of which Bethesda refuted. The image above was part of a series that leaked in early 2012, though id Design Director Matt Hooper said it didn't represent actual Doom 4 direction. Last we heard – back in August 2012 – Doom 4 was attached to the Oculus Rift's VR push.

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