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Square Enix Los Angeles layoff details, CEO rumored to be out by May


Last night we received word Square Enix's Los Angeles office had "a number of positions" eliminated, and we've since been filling in the details. Square Enix America mostly handled marketing, public relations and other logistics for the region. Two sources, who asked we not use their names out of fear it would affect their severance package, shared some more information.

Half of marketing has been cut, which is estimated at 10 people. Public relations, which we understand is approximately seven people, will stick around until late June (post E3) – after that only three or four will remain. One source notes more were let go in accounting, IT and events, alongside another five to 10 people who left community and support last week.

We've also been informed that Mike Fischer, president and CEO at Square Enix America, will be let go around May. The head of marketing will be let go right after E3.

Employees at the Los Angeles office were apparently informed they weren't singled out by corporate and that layoffs will occur at Square Enix's European and Japanese divisions as well, which is all part of the corporate restructuring currently going on at the company.

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