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CCP launches True Stories, eyes possible EVE film or TV series

Jef Reahard

CCP has announced a new EVE Online initiative called True Stories that aims to collect and preserve noteworthy New Eden events in an archive powered by the game's players. Creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson explains, via a new dev blog, that CCP has set up a submission system for paying players that includes the ability to upvote, downvote, and debate.

The submission phase ends on May 1st, with a voting period to follow that concludes on May 15th.

There are prizes including a trip to CCP headquarters in Iceland as well as 10-year subscriptions to EVE. Olafsson also mentions that CCP is looking to expand EVE with additional books, comics, and a possible film or TV series. "Our prospective media partners have shown great interest in adapting or using as inspiration actual events from the game itself," Olafsson says.

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