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Indie PC fighter Yatagarasu now available through Rice Digital

Jordan Mallory

Indie 2D fighting game Yatagarasu, developed by ex-SNK alumni Circle Edge, is now available on PC through its British publisher, Rice Digital. Having first launched in Japan back in the stone ages of 2011, this is the first time Yatagarasu has been directly available to an English-speaking audience.

Oh, but the game itself has not been localized for western consumption and is still entirely in Japanese. It's also only £7.99, or about 12 bucks.

The last time Yatagarasu showed up on our radar, Nicalis was preparing to display the still-unreleased, localized 3DS version to the crowd at PAX Prime. We've reached out to Nicalis for an update on the status of its port, but for now the bravest of you can venture deep into the heart of independent Japanese fighting game design from the safety of your own desks.

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