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New Nintendo eShop releases: Toki Tori 2, Castlevania


Two Tribes has let its baby bird leave the nest; Toki Tori 2, the subject of a sudden delay last year, will be available today on the Wii U eShop.

Meanwhile on 3DS, the biggest release is a game from 1987, the original Castlevania. It's out on the eShop just in time to be a few weeks late to promote Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate. A couple of former retail games, including the adorable Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove, are also available, as is some DLC for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

Wii U

3DS eShop
  • Castlevania (NES, 1 player, TBA)
  • Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D (Reef Entertainment, 1 player, TBA)
  • Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D (Natsume, 1 player, TBA)
  • Sale: escapeVektor ($4.99, normally $9.99, through April 18)
  • Nam-1975 (Neo Geo, 1 player, 900 Wii Points)

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