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Online Steve Jobs memorial pays tribute to the original Mac OS


Rememberum is a new start up company that provides clean, customizable options for creating online memorials for loved one. To promote their new service the company has published a stunningly creative tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs, designed to look like the original Mac OS.

On his blog Rememberum developer David Kelly described the process of creating the unique design of the tribute site.

One of the primary goals of the design was to simulate the original Macintosh OS interface as closely as possible – this meant pixelated (pixel-perfect) graphics as well as some of the original functionality of the Macintosh, such as keyboard folder navigation and double-clicking. We separated key points in his life into groups of folders and individual files. The folders have keyboard navigation and it is possible to hold down CTRL to select multiple files to open. Each file opens as a 'textpad' file and can be moved and cascaded like any window. This, coupled with the keyboard navigation and small retro animations helped to provide a more genuine experience of the original Macintosh computer.
Rememberum's service is free to use, though the FAQ on the site mentions a future premium option. Details are still scant on the premium option and if it will allow users to create tributes like the Steve Jobs memorial for their own loved ones.

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