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Boeing 787 completes battery testing, ready for re-evaluation by FAA


Boeing's Dreamliner finally appears ready for the FAA to give it another shot. After being grounded in January the 787 has undergone numerous tweaks and refinements to improve the safety and reliability of the aircraft. The final test before submitting to the federal regulatory body for commercial approval was this morning's flight, which included a new battery system built by GS Yuasa Corp. After a roughly two-hour journey that began at 10:39am in Washington, the company reported that the upgraded batteries performed "as intended during normal and non-normal flight conditions." The next step will be submitting the proposed changes to the FAA, which will then decide if the proposed fixes are enough to return the jet to active duty. A two day hearing is set for April 23rd, at which point the fate of this current incarnation of the 787 will be decided.

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