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Breakfast Topic: Spill your secrets for an organized guild bank


Whether you're a guild officer guiding the collective bank storage of an entire guild or a banker alt managing a one-account guild vault, how do you keep things guild bank storage under control? What does it take? Chaotic guild banks have broken many a lesser volunteer who drowned under the unrelenting barrage of items. If you're a neatnik, please, please tell us. This organization thing -- how is it done?

Talk tabs with us. What tabs do you maintain in your guild bank? Your single-player guild bank? How do you keep guild members from simply hurling items into the bank wherever they find an open slot? What kind of maintenance is involved -- do you have a dedicated officer or a set amount of time to prune and organize on a regular basis?

Surely there's a method to the madness of guild banking, a way you keep your vault from turning into the Anne Stickney Home for Wayward Everythings. Help!

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