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Defiance devs put priority on operational issues

Day three of Defiance's launch week is upon us, bringing with it a new post from the Dev Blog Fairy. The game has been hit with some nasty lag, courtesy of the "very complicated but wonderful beast" that is the Xbox cluster. A lot of people are watching data, analyzing things, fiddling with hardware, and generally trying to get to the bottom of the whole ordeal.

The devs' first priority is to deal with the continued Xbox issues (namely, the lag and server crashes), followed by solving the mysterious case of the disappearing items. The team is also trying to deal with game server crashes across all platforms, as well as connectivity and patching issues.

A huge patch with scads of updates is coming on or around the 15th ("hopefully sooner, possibly later"), so keep the faith.

We've also got a new Ark Hunters video just after the cut.

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