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Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae contributing music to Shovel Knight


Yacht Club's Mega Man-esque Shovel Knight is getting an infusion of genuine Capcom-style music. Manami Matsumae, who composed for the original Mega Man (and Magic Sword, U.N. Squadron, and more) will write two songs for Yacht Club's Kickstarted action game, the developer revealed.

"She even made the original sound effects. The sound of Mega Man dying? The sound of the boss doors opening and closing? The sounds that have permanent residence in your brain and ours? Manami Matsumae is responsible," Yacht Club said. "And now, she is going to be writing two songs for Shovel Knight. We are beyond excited."

The rest of the soundtrack is being done by Jake "Virt" Kaufman, frequent WayForward contributor, Contra 4 composer, and chiptune musician. So expect more than two excellent tracks.

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