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Out of the Park Baseball gets updated for the new season


Spring is here in the US. My Cubs are losing, and that must mean it's finally time for baseball season! MLB's official At Bat app is already out in the App Store if you want to listen to the real thing, but if you would rather have your pitching and hitting simulated, Out of the Park Baseball has you covered. The revered baseball sim's iOS version has already been updated with the 2013 roster, and the Mac version is set to get updated on April 15.

Out of the Park Baseball is a great game for baseball fans, but of course it's all about the managing and simulation. If you want to actually play the game directly, it's probably not what you're looking for. For that, you'll have to wait.

There are a few baseball games out on the App Store, but they're either not full action baseball games or they're not yet updated with the 2013 rosters. MLB 13: The Show has received solid reviews on the PS3, but considering that the game's made by Sony, there's not likely to be a version on the App Store anytime soon. So OotP may be the way to go for your baseball simulation, and then you can get your hitting and pitching practice in by actually going outside. Play ball!

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