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These alpha screenshots aren't quite the World of Warcraft you used to know

Just how long have you been playing World of Warcraft? Whatever the answer, there's a very good chance you weren't playing when these screenshots were taken, back in the game's alpha phase. The above screenshot, taken off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale in the game's earliest of days, was posted to Reddit along with many others, all carefully annotated.

While it's not quite a comprehensive directory of Azeroth as it was, it's a more complete record than any we've seen and a great nostalgia trip for players who have been there as well as players who haven't. Some of the scenery will be familiar to anyone who played before Cataclysm, though a great deal of it is subtly off from the WoW you may remember. And then there are oddball shots like the one above.

Head to Reddit or Imgur to browse the whole gallery for yourself or read on to see a selection of our favorites.

Alpha screens
Winterspring lacks both winter and spring in this shot, showing the terrain of the still in development area.

Alpha screens
This long row of underwater homes were part of what must have been a developer's area in Kalimdor.

Alpha screens
Alpha Orgrimmar has so much southwestern flair we expect to see the Roadrunner coming by at any moment.

Alpha screens
The Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan looks a lot more ordinary without being graced by dwarven faces.

And if you like what you see? Remember that there are many, many more on Imgur for your viewing pleasure!

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