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Portal 2's Atlas and P-Body get fresh, filthy coats of paint from ThreeA


Portal 2's multiplayer pawns, Atlas and P-Body, have seen some tough times and even tougher test chambers, as highlighted by ThreeA Toys' latest figurines. ThreeA revealed the prototypes for Atlus and P-Body last year, as smooth, gray statuettes. Now, the figures have a dinged-up coat of paint and classy lens details, along with a pair of Portal guns, and they're looking fly.

ThreeA showed off the new prototypes during an event in Taiwan, as spotted and photographed by Tomopop. It's still unclear if Atlas and P-Body will include any LEDs or flashier add-ons, or when they'll be available for collectible consumption.

In other video game toy news, ThreeA announced a partnership with Capcom to make mecha figures straight out of Lost Planet. Check out Tomopop's gallery of the ThreeA show here.

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