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Blackmagic's $995 Micro Four Thirds Pocket Cinema Camera gets snapped at NAB


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We may lament the death of the point-and-shoot, but we doubt Blackmagic's forthcoming Pocket Cinema Camera will go as quietly into the night. Whilst wandering the halls at NAB, Danielo Garcia snapped a billboard announcing the device a little before its expected arrival time. The stats in the promotional flag (in full, after the break) reveal that it's the budget-brother of Blackmagic's Cinema Camera MFT. This new unit keeps the same Micro Four Thirds lens mount, with a Super-16 Cinema 1080HD sensor, 13 stops of dynamic range, lossless CinemaDNG RAW recording and Micro HDMI monitoring. When it's officially announced, the unit will retail for $995, putting smiles on the faces of indie filmmakers and people who need their Disneyland recordings ready for the silver screen.

[Image Credit: Danielo Garcia]


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