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G-Technology announces new family of Thunderbolt-equipped docks, drives


The National Association of Broadcasters conference going on right now appears to be the place to hear about new gear for your Mac or iOS device. Earlier today we heard about several new audio interfaces from Avid and now G-Technology is announcing new storage options. G-Technology has introduced the Evolution family of products, including a mini-tower with two hard drive slots and dual Thunderbolt connections called the G-Dock ev.

The hard drive modules include both a 9.5 mm, 7,200 RPM drive that is rated for 136 MB/s data transfers and a 15 mm drive rated at 250 MB/s. Those drives can be arranged in a RAID 1 (mirrored) or RAID 0 (striped) configuration depending on whether the user desires redundancy or speed.

The hard drive modules include a USB 3.0 socket, so they can be slipped out of the G-Dock ev for sharing. The G-Dock ev is scheduled to ship next month in a standard configuration including two 1 TB 9.5 mm drives at a price of US$750. Additional G-Drive ev cartridges will cost $150 for 500 GB or $200 for 1 TB. The 15 mm G-Drive ev Plus will be sold in 1 TB sizes only for $350.

But wait -- there's more from G-Technology. The company also announced the G-Drive Pro, a Thunderbolt drive with promised transfer speeds of 480 MB/s. You'll be able to get your hands on one this summer in 2 TB ($700) or 4 TB ($850) versions.

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