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Gamestick backer units delayed to June, dev kits shipping now


Some good news for GameStick developers today, as dev kits are now shipping to the 600 or so who signed up for them. The company has also announced changes to the final production model of the GameStick, notably redesigned buttons, a new texture on the "analog stick hats" and a door that closes the back of the controller when the USB stick is removed.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that it looks like neither Kickstarter backers nor pre-orderers will be getting their GameSticks until June. The release was originally slated for April, but GameStick has had to change its production tooling in order to accommodate demand for the device. Couple with manufacturing and shipment time, that puts GameSticks in users' hands near the end of June – June 25, according to the pre-order page.

Sure, the delay sucks, but at least we can add the delightful term "analog stick hats" to our vocabulary, right?

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