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Grimlands developer turns to Kickstarter to finish post-apoc shooter

Jef Reahard

Post-apocalyptic shooter Grimlands may have been canceled by publisher gamigo, but development studio DRAGO isn't giving up on the title just yet. The firm has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to finish the project and keep it "true to its original vision."

A press release says that Grimlands was canceled because of gamigo's "strategy shift from development to distribution" in spite of the title's five-year development cycle. DRAGO's Lucjan Mikociak says that Kickstarter is necessary to save the game.

"There is no way around it: Big games need big money. Since gamigo stopped funding us in January, we have survived thanks to friends and family support," Mikociak explains. "However, in order to properly finish the game by year's end, we need further funding of $650,000. After talking to several publishers and investors we feel only Kickstarter allows this without compromising our vision."

Grimlands marries shooter gameplay with stealth and cover mechanics as well as character progression and customization. It also features an extensive crafting system wherein nearly every in-game item is made by players. Gameplay includes an open world, dungeons, PvE and PVP options, and upgradeable vehicles.

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