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IGF design nominee Starseed Pilgrim lands on Steam on April 16


Starseed Pilgrim is preparing to colonize Steam on April 16 for PC, Mac and Linux, following its IGF 2013 nomination in Excellence in Design, developer Droqen tells Joystiq. All nominees in the IGF this year snagged some sweet Steam distribution deals: if Steam is Plymouth Rock, Starseed Pilgrim is one of the founding pioneers. Just imagine Thanksgiving.

Starseed Pilgrim has players tend the symphonic garden of the universe. Or, less poetically, it's a platformer built on a blank slate that players make their own, building bridges, destroying pathways and "embracing fate," as Droqen describes it. When Starseed Pilgrim launches on Steam, it will be at a 25 percent discount, but it's available to purchase now for $6 from its official site.

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