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Leaderboard: Which Kickstarter project will be the most successful post-launch?

Jef Reahard

There are a lot of game developers on Kickstarter these days, several of which are aiming to make MMOs or MMO-like persistent virtual worlds. Star Citizen's crowd-funding success has been well-documented, and both Shroud of the Avatar and Elite Dangerous are now go for full-scale development as well.

And let's not forget Pathfinder or Camelot Unchained, the former of which has been fully funded and the latter of which is well on its way. For today's Leaderboard, tell us which of these five titles you think will be the most successful post-launch. Vote after the cut!

Ever wish that you could put to rest a long-standing MMO debate once and for all? Then welcome to the battle royal of Massively's Leaderboard, where two sides enter the pit o' judgment -- and only one leaves. Vote to make your opinion known, and see whether your choice tops the Leaderboard!


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