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Ouya working on external game storage, simpler installs for June 4 launch


Those early Kickstarter units may have some issues, but Ouya promises that come time to officially launch the console on June 4, that won't be the case. External storage for games, an easier game installation process, controller support for video players, more metrics for developers and support for different payment options are a few of the issues Ouya will be focusing on leading up to launch, founder and CEO of Ouya Julie Uhrman said on the Ouya blog.

"We will continue to obsess over quality and performance. For example, we are considering adding additional magnets to the controllers so that the faceplates are more secure – no more falling off during shipments!" Ouya is also working on improving responsiveness of software and will continue to focus on "discovery and curation" as more games are submitted to Ouya.

The founding backer edition of Ouya launched on March 28, though many found – including our pals over at Engadget – that the console seemed like more of a beta release than a final product. Ouya will ship its retail version on June 4 for $99.

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