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Steve Demeter's Trism to return as Trism 2


You may (or may not) remember Trism, which was one of the first iPhone games I've ever played, and was one of the App Store's first big gaming winners. Developer Steve Demeter was behind that game, but after his huge success on the early App Store, he left the spotlight for quite a while, and hasn't released another game since. Polygon caught up to him at GDC last month, however, and it turns out Demeter has decided to make another game, called Trism 2.

As you can see above, the game looks very different than the original, though the slide-to-match gameplay is still there. Demeter's apparently decided to jump on the (overcrowded) free-to-play bus, not only selling the game and its features through in-app purchases, but also giving the title some colorful characters, and adding a lot of RPG-style progression to it. It sounds interesting.

Demeter says that we'll see the game out on iOS devices soon, possibly sometime this summer. It sounds like he's done a lot of soul searching to figure out what he wants to try and make next after the success he's had, and Trism 2 will be the result.

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