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Armature Studio worked on an unreleased Mega Man X FPS, 'Maverick Hunter'


Armature Studio, the Austin-based developer formed from Retro Studios talent, was working with Capcom to create a new Mega Man X FPS, Polygon reports. Maverick Hunter would have kept X's weapon stealing ability and the platforming from the side-scrolling games, and added a deeper story and a new look, including armor by Adi Granov, who designed the armor for the Iron Man movie.

Capcom canceled the project, like other recent Mega Man games including Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3, likely coinciding with the departure of series producer Keiji Inafune. Armature prototyped it in early 2010, Polygon's sources said. The site has five videos of the unreleased game, along with several gameplay details.

Perhaps Mega Man didn't need this "gritty" reboot treatment, but on the other hand, it would have been a game, which is an increasingly rare thing to happen in that series.

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