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Capcom senior VP: time to 'slow down' on HD fighting game remakes


"Sadly, I think we've probably run the course of feasible titles here given the dropoff we've seen in sales with each new introduction," Capcom senior VP Christian Svensson said on the Ask Capcom forums, referring to the HD ports and remakes of fighting games, most recently Darkstalkers Resurrection.

"It seems the novelty of such projects is wearing off even within just the fighting game community based upon the sales data of our last two launches. That said, we have been quite prolific in these areas (despite the assertion above that we haven't) and it's probably time for us to slow down anyway."

Recently, the company has focused its porting and remaking resources on a wider variety of projects, like Dungeons & Dragons brawlers and Ducktales Remastered.

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