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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon footage leaks online, looks crazy [update]


Update: It seems Ubisoft is clamping down on the leak, as the original footage has been deleted. However, the videos have resurfaced elsewhere.

In case you still had any doubts, 30 minutes of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon footage emerged online this morning. It comes from a PC version of the game, which we understand as probably obtained via Ubisoft's uPlay servers. Either way, the video showcases the very different-looking Far Cry 3 spin-off, complete with cheesy retro cutscenes and - NSFW - sometimes colorful uploader language.

While Ubisoft and leaks isn't exactly a new development, the company has been rather coy about Blood Dragon, including FC3 lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem's hint to us along with the April Fools' Day content. We're waiting on details, but listings on ratings boards and XBLM point to a standalone single-player XBLA, PSN, and PC game, with a May 1 release date.

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