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Muramasa Rebirth out June 25, special edition revealed


On June 25 you can put Muramasa: The Demon Blade in and on your Vita. "The Blessing of Amitabha Edition" of Muramasa Rebirth adds a Vita skin and cover by Hori, a pouch for the console, and a framed lithograph of art by designer George Kamitani. Aksys hasn't announced a price for this version yet, but Amazon has it for $60.

If you pre-order either the Blessing Edition or the regular old game at either Amazon or GameStop, you'll get an "Abridged Soundtrack" with five songs from the game, composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

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May the Blessing of Amitabha Bring you a New Muramasa Rebirth Edition
Aksys Games Announces Limited Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha Collector's Edition
April 9, 2013 Torrance, CA – Aksys Games is pleased to announce Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of
Amitabha Collector's Edition, the limited edition set that will set your PlayStation®Vita handheld
entertainment system apart from everyone else's! Fully immerse yourself in the visually stunning world
of Muramasa Rebirth, a world where myth and legend collide in this action-packed RPG designed
specifically for the PlayStation®Vita system!
Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha Edition Features
Taking a que from George Kamitani, creator and lead designer of Muramasa Rebirth, Muramasa Rebirth
Blessing of Amitabha Collector's Edition gives your PlayStation®Vita system creates an immersive
experience for any fan of the Muramasa series! Aksys Games has collaborated with one of the best
console accessory makers in the world, HORI™ USA, Inc., to offer a truly unique edition.
Muramasa Rebirth PlayStation®Vita system Face Cover by HORI™ USA, Inc. - Protect your
PlayStation®Vita system with this beautifully crafted PlayStation®Vita system Face Cover made by
HORI™ USA, Inc.! Sporting the Muramasa logo on the front, make it known to your friends and family
that you own this very limited edition!
Muramasa Rebirth PlayStation®Vita system Skin by HORI™ USA, Inc. - Totally immerse yourself in the
beautifully drawn world of Muramasa Rebirth with an exclusive PlayStation®Vita system Skin that
completely protects the front panel of your PlayStation®Vita system! Using one of the many vibrant
scenes from Muramasa Rebirth game, this exclusive skin not only offers protection but beauty!
Muramasa Rebirth PlayStation®Vita system Pouch – Complete your immersion with a black drawstring
velvet pouch that easily puts your PlayStation®Vita system in your hands.
High Res Framed Lithograph by George Kamitani – George Kamitani, creator and lead designer for
Muramasa Rebirth has drawn a new piece of art for this limited edition set! Show off this one-of-a-kind
For more information about Murasama Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha Collector's Edition, visit Muramasa Rebirth begins shipping June 25, 2013.
Muramasa Rebirth Pre-Order BonusPre-Order Muramasa Rebirth at Amazon or GameStop and receive an exclusive Muramasa Rebirth
Abridged Soundtrack! Boasting numerous songs from Muramasa Rebirth, this pre-order bonus is a sure
collector's item for any Muramasa fan! Written by famed gaming and anime composer, Hitoshi
Sakimoto of Basiscape, the Muramasa Rebirth Abridged Soundtrack features five songs that bring the
colors and art of Muramasa to life.
For more information about the Muramasa Rebirth Pre-Order Bonus visit:
Muramasa Rebirth Key Features
Journey as the amnesiac ninja Kisuke as you travel east in search for the legendary demon blades. Or
travel west as Momohime, a princess possessed by a vengeful spirit as you search for the same blades.
With 108 powerful blades, each with a special deadly attack, fend off enemies from big to small in this
exciting action-RPG specially redesigned for the PlayStation®Vita system!
High Res Graphics – The stunning 2D artwork comes to life in OLED ready graphics. See the vibrant
colors and detailed art as they should be seen on the PlayStation®Vita system!
Available Downloadable Scenarios – Four additional characters and scenarios will be available to
download each featuring a new story line, new characters and new enemies!
Two Modes of Play – Whether you enjoy hack/slash type play or prefer to use your character's special
abilities in a controlled manner, Muramasa Rebirth offers two modes of play to satisfy every player's
Remap Buttons – Don't like the original default buttons, customize your buttons to make the gameplay
truly yours!
Visit the website at or "Like" the official Muramasa Rebirth Facebook Page
for the most up-to-date information!

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