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Possible in-game Hearthstone event and mount uncovered


Diligent dataminers over at Wowhead have uncovered what looks like an intriguing Feat of Strength: Hearthstoned. The description reads "Obtain the Hearthsteed from the Hearthstone promotion." Now, ever since Blizzard announced Hearthstone at PAX East and it was clear the game took place in the Warcraft universe, folks have been asking all over whether or not there would be WoW-related items associated with it, just as there currently are in the physical WoW: TCG. While this isn't quite the same thing as a loot card, it is a connection of some sort! We here at WoW Insider would also like to point out that the mount icon on this achievement looks suspiciously similar to the pegasus mounts that were datamined last week!

I'm going to try not to speculate too hard on what kind of in-game event Blizzard might do for Hearthstone, but it would be really cool to see, say, a bunch of NPCs hanging around in various Azerothian taverns playing card games and talking trash to each other. Hint, hint. I'm just saying! Of course, we all have to remember to take this with the requisite datamining disclaimer: just because it's been found in the PTR files doesn't mean it will make it to live. I really hope it does, though, because I'm always happy to grab more mounts!

Edit: Thanks to all who have pointed out that this may very well be the participation reward for the Hearthstone beta. This is what I get for not rereading the Hearthstone FAQ before submitting a post!

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