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Age of Wushu launch day roundup [Updated]


Don't let the delicate beauty of Age of Wushu's looks fool you: This is one savage MMO. We've been tracking the progress of Snail Games' localization and tweaks for Western audiences for months now (as well as voting the game our most anticipated of last year's E3 awards), and the day of its launch is finally here.

Age of Wushu is a free-to-play martial arts sandbox that's set in a semi-historical China. On top of several schools of fighting styles, the MMO includes unconventional features such as kidnapping, offline professions, crafting battles, and weddings.

Check out Massively's extensive coverage of Age of Wushu after the jump and stay tuned for Patrick's impressions of the launch!

[Update]: Snail has released an Age of Wushu launch trailer, viewable after the break.

Embrace your maniacal side with Age of Wushu's Jianghu system
How do you know where you stand in relation to your fellow players? You may call some of them your friends, but words are wind. Thanks to Age of Wushu's Jianghu system, however, you'll soon be able to neatly track your relationship with others.
Age of Wushu explains battle arrays
If you're going to be taking part in group combat in Age of Wushu, you need to know about battle arrays. Despite the name, these are not organizations of various battles that serve as an index of information.
Age of Wushu elaborates on crime and punishment
While it is true that Age of Wushu has an open PvP world, that doesn't mean that players can wantonly sashay about inflicting mass murder upon others without consequence.
The Art of Wushu: Paying doesn't mean winning
Age of Wushu has come under a lot of fire as a pay-to-win game. There are ways to get in-game power for out-of-game money, so there are a lot of reasons to assume that real cash can turn you into one of the top fighters in Jianghu.
The Art of Wushu: Gathering and crafting
Life skills are the central point of Age of Wushu's player economy. All useful equipment, food, and most of the useful consumables are only available through crafting, and equipment requires lengthy production chains and an injection of tradable silver in order to make it effective.
The Art of Wushu: The right martial arts school for you
Normally at Massively, we start off a column by linking to relevant community sites and information resources for a game. Things are a bit different with Age of Wushu, however.
Age of Wushu CEO talks localization, cash shop, and more
Massively weighed in with its multi-headed opinion on Age of Wushu's public beta a couple of weeks back. We also had an opportunity to forward some questions along to the sandbox title's dev team, and we're happy to report that Snail CEO Shi Hai took the time to answer them.
Upcoming Age of Wushu wedding system detailed
Looking for something to do in Age of Wushu besides kung fu fighting, crafting, or PvP? You could always get married.MMO Culture has a brief look at the wedding system that just made its way onto the game's Taiwan server.
Age of Wushu is probably the greatest sandbox you'll never play
MMOs are old hat at this point. I don't want to say they're boring, because then what are we all doing here? There's a certain sameness, though, and we know exactly what to expect, when and where to expect it, and in most cases we're firmly entrenched in a particular gameplay comfort zone.
First impressions from the Age of Wushu beta
When I first started playing the Age of Wushu beta, I had a lot of expectations. As I first started playing, the game felt ho-hum. It was clumsy, the translation wasn't very good, and the combat felt clunky.
Age of Wushu devs making 'painstakingly accurate' recreation of ancient China
Age of Wushu may feature wire-fu and mythical monsters, but it also features a pretty realistic recreation of 15th century China. The latest Snail Games dev blog takes us backstage for a look at how the developers are bringing the Ming Dynasty to life.
Age of Wushu provides important life lessons, like how to conduct a proper kidnapping
Video games are especially known for giving players the ability to do things they could never really do in meatspace. Thanks to Age of Wushu, you can now add kidnapping to the list of dragon-slaying, spell-casting, and other things you (hopefully) don't do in real life.
Openly mock gravity with Age of Wushu's flying skills
The wuxia films that inspire many of Age of Wushu's mechanics have a fairly uniform attitude toward vertical mobility: screw gravity. Needless to say, the game takes that lesson to heart.
Age of Wushu's free-to-play model detailed
Age of Wushu is launching for keeps on April 10th, so get your wallets ready! Or, well, don't. Age of Wushu will remain free-to-play at launch, with no box price or subscription fee.
Age of Wushu introduces Battlefield Arenas
Age of Wushu is launching out of closed beta on April 10th, and with that launch comes another newly announced feature: Battlefield Arenas. These arenas allow players to test out their PvP skills in a closed and controlled environment before hitting the mean streets.
The Art of Wushu: Winning in market PvP
Last time on the Art of Wushu, I promised I would write on how to sell production crafts. Crafting is a big deal in Age of Wushu, so it seemed like a reasonable topic to cover.
Put your Age of Wushu avatar to work while you're offline
When you log off from your favorite MMO, does your avatar dream? Maybe, but when you log off from Age of Wushu, your character continues to be an active participant in the wuxia-drenched fantasy world.
Age of Wushu sharpens up informations on edged weapons
Many of the combat forms in Age of Wushu are fully capable of inflicting grievous bodily harm without a weapon, but that doesn't mean you can't hack at people with sharp bits of metal.
Age of Wushu introduces the Meridian system
What do needles and MMOs have to do with each other? Hopefully, normally, thankfully nothing. However, Age of Wushu has drawn inspiration from the Chinese technique and philosophy of acupuncture to draw up its character-building Meridian system.
Age of Wushu shows off guild warfare
Do you think that your guild is the best group of people anywhere? Age of Wushu encourages that line of thinking, because you're going to need to stand together if you want to defend yourself from all of the other guilds thinking the exact same thing.
Age of Wushu China introduces factions, dating, and weather
A content update is blowing in for Age of Wushu players on the Chinese server, one that adds a few new features to the sandbox game including factions, dating (yes, really), and an active weather system.
GDC 2013: Age of Wushu's world is your playground
As Age of Wushu is just a couple of weeks away from launch at this point, catching up with Snail Games at GDC this year was one of our highest priorities.
The Art of Wushu: The right stats for each style
There are a few questions I answer on a very regular basis in Age of Wushu. "How do you make money?" is a pretty common question, but I think we've answered that.

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