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iPad flies off of car roof, wedges itself into another car's bumper


A few days ago, the above picture began making the rounds on social media sites. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you -- that's an iPad wedged securely into a car's front bumper.

Now thanks to ABC57 News, we have more information as to what happened and how the iPad landed in such an unusual place.

A Georgia woman claims that she was driving down the road when she saw an object flying in her direction. Though she didn't hear a huge impact, upon exiting her car later in the day she noticed an iPad had wedged itself securely in her front bumper. Indeed, the iPad was so firmly in place that a hammer was needed to extract it.

"I kind of hit the brakes and stopped but I didn't feel anything, I didn't see anything, so I went about my day," the woman explained.

As for how the iPad got there in the first place, that's an interesting story in and of itself. Upon removing the iPad from her front bumper, the woman noticed that the iPad was still functional. She was subsequently able to turn it on and deduce the owner's name and number by opening up an app. She eventually returned it to its rightful owner.

The iPad owner explained that he had left the device on the top of his car and that it must have gone flying once he started driving.

Here's another close-up photo of the damaged, yet still functional, iPad.

iPad flies off of car roof, wedges itself into another car's bumper

It looks like in the first ever battle of Nissan vs. iPad, we have a tie.

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