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New Grimlands video talks free-form progression, huge open world

Jef Reahard

DRAGO Entertainment is making a case for its Grimlands MMO on Kickstarter, and the company has released the first part of a behind-the-scenes video that takes viewers through various aspects of the development process.

The post-apocalyptic MMO mixes first- and third-person shooting action with a deep crafting system, a variety of vehicles, and RPG progression set against a large open-world backdrop.

The video features plenty of in-game footage as well as narration by DRAGO's Lucjan Mikociak, who talks at length about Grimlands' free-form character progression. Have a look at the clip, and a list of key Grimlands features, after the cut.

  • True mix of shooter and MMORPG with aiming, stealth and cover but deep character development and customization
  • Unique crafting: Almost every item (Weapons, Ammunition, armor etc.) is crafted by players out of scavenged raw materials based on blueprints but depending on crafting skills, making each build special and giving incentives for player trading via the auction house
  • Unique skill system: Without levels or points players advance their character skills by using specific weapons or functions, allowing for diverse character builds
  • Huge, open game world with weather and daytime changes in a post-apocalyptic setting
  • A variety of upgradable vehicles that can be driven by up to four players and used for combat
  • Both PVE with strong storyline told through hundreds of quests and various PVP options
  • Strong clan support with territorial fights that give real bonuses for holding key locations
  • Dungeons for groups with easy to use group finding tool

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