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SimCity for Mac coming on June 11


EA announced today that the latest version of SimCity will be arriving on the Mac platform on June 11, 2013. Lucy Bradshaw, senior vice president and general manager of EA's Maxis Label, said that "We didn't want to make any compromises when it came to the Mac, so we created a native version that is optimised for the hardware and OS X."

For those who have already purchased the PC version of the game, the Mac version will be available as a free download on EA's Origin platform. Origin will make it possible for players to play both the Mac and PC versions with the same account, continuing their game progress across platforms.

EA Maxis is obviously proud of the Mac-native version, noting that "SimCity runs natively on Mac and its entire software renderer was rewritten for OpenGL, ensuring the best performance for the platform." Through April 15, EA Origin is offering 50 percent off on other Mac titles including Dragon Age 2, Portal 2 and more.

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