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SimCity enables budding city developers on Mac starting June 11th, 'update 2.0' in the works


SimCity's reboot has seen its fair share of tumult since launching for PC earlier this year -- massive queues to log in, downed servers, and a messy (attempted) public relations cleanup. Things have more or less leveled off for the game since its rocky start, and its developer, EA Maxis, is now ready to launch the game on OS X. Or rather, as we read this, "You can finally delete that version of SimCity you've got on your Windows partition and play it natively in OS X." Huzzah! The OS X version of SimCity launches on June 11th, and you can snag it for free if you've already purchased a PC version (and vice versa). Even better, both PC and Mac players can play together, cross-platform.

Similarly thrilling, the game's "cheetah" speed (its fastest speed) is back, and EA Maxis is promising a 2.0 version of its game. Beyond fixing a variety of bugs, it's unknown what's in the update, but we're fairly confident it won't enable an offline version of the game (as so, so many players have requested) given EA's repeated refusal to enable as much. When pushed on a release date for the update, EA reps told Engadget it'll arrive "well ahead of the June 11 Mac launch." Sounds to us like that Mac version will ship with Update 2.0 enabled, but EA wouldn't confirm as much.

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