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Starbucks changes free app downloads program


Starbucks has announced a change to its iTunes Pick of the Week program. Previously, the program offered cards in stores with a redemption code for an app, song, book or TV show. Customers could take a card and redeem an iTunes code on back for the free giveaway. The updated program will let customers download free iTunes media from its iOS app.

As The Mac Observer points out, the change caused confusion yesterday. Many thought the in-app download meant the in-store cards were going to be done away with. Not so, according to a Starbucks spokesperson who told TMO, "Instead of one free iTunes download each week, Starbucks customers get two. One from the printed cards, and one from our mobile app."

That means customers can get two free downloads per week from Starbucks now. One through the in-store codes printed on cards and the other directly through the Starbucks app. The app-based giveaways kicks off with Angry Birds Star Wars. Not a bad choice for your inaugural giveaway.

Starbucks for iPhone is a free download.

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