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WildStar begins beta testing [Updated]


Saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words," the WildStar team has posted a picture of the team with the caption of "IT HAS BEGUN" in obvious reference to beta testing.

Yesterday, the team foreshadowed the onset of testing by tweeting, "We had Chinese food for lunch today, and our fortune cookie read: The person that keeps an eye on their spam filter will surely be rewarded."

Players interested in participating in WildStar's beta can sign up on the official site.

Update: A representative of Carbine Studios emailed us saying, "We have already seen a phenomenal response from our fans and are looking to continually add thousands of players throughout closed beta test 1 to come check out the great content we've been talking about for months. Our closed beta testing process is not a typical weekend event, but instead it will last for several weeks, giving players ample time to come in and check out the factions, races and classes they may choose to play when WildStar launches later this year."

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