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The Age of Wushu team on what's coming after launch

Patrick Mackey

A week ago, we asked Snail Games some questions pertaining to Age of Wushu and its launch in the west. Just in time for launch, the studio got back to us with some answers. Sometimes, good things come to those who wait.

We pulled no punches with our questions, asking Snail about the recent Suzhou market fiasco, when the devs plan to add features from other versions of the game, and how they plan to address current game-breaking bugs. Interested in hearing the answers? We know we were!

Talking with the Age of Wushu team about upcoming features
Massively: Recently, the Suzhou market was hit by a massive rollback that caused a lot of items to be lost, and many people who paid for world stalls lost significant amounts of money bidding on them. What will you be doing to prevent similar occurrences in the future?

Snail Games: First of all we apologize for this. We will take actions to prevent similar incidents in the future. We are optimizing the stability of server to reduce its consumption. At the same time, we will also upgrade server's hardware configuration so that players can enjoy the game better. The chance of such incidents will be greatly lowered in the future.

There are many game-breaking exploits such as the invincible music exploit, infinite flight exploit, and several other client-side bugs that produce very degenerate gameplay. Are these bugs intended to be ironed out prior to launch in April?

We are dedicated to providing the best game quality as we can. If there are any game-breaking exploits and bugs that degenerate gameplay, our developers will try their best to fix them.

What features can we expect to see added on or prior to the April launch?

We have added a very interesting story exclusively for our North American players, through which players can experience eastern culture better. Also, we have improved English localization and GUI according to players'feedback from the closed beta. Our product will fit the North American users better than before.
Talking with the Age of Wushu team about upcoming features
In a past interview, it was stated that the North American version of Age of Wushu could expect updates independent of the Chinese version. What features and gameplay elements is the NA team planning to change from the CN version?

Age of Wushu is based on the world outlook of Chinese martial arts. Besides in China, we run global operation in countries and regions like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia, and North America. We try our best to provide players all over the world the same game experience. We did some adjustments on gameplay, functions, and UI to better fit western players, but we keep its genuine eastern culture and overall consistency.
When will the NA servers be getting a wedding system, player housing, and other new social features?

The in-game marriage system recently came online on Chinese servers. The system refers to ancient Chinese marriage traditions and regenerates the whole procedure of the wedding ceremony. Players will experience the Ming Dynasty wedding via the system and enhance interactions with each other. The system will be available on North American servers around this summer.

Will there be a second server opened for new players in April, or will everyone be playing on one server? If not in April, are there any plans to release a second server for the game?

After the start of official launch, we will set up a few new servers accordingly to offer a fair starting point to all new players.
Will there be any other forms of social media integration, such as the ability to keep tabs on Wushu events in Facebook or the ability to post to Twitter in the Wushu client?

We keep posting the latest news and activities on social network media. Our players can follow us on or Additionally, all information can be shared through our official platform as well.

When readers want the scoop on a launch or a patch (or even a brewing fiasco), Massively goes right to the source to interview the developers themselves. Be they John Smedley or Chris Roberts or anyone in between, we ask the devs the hard questions. Of course, whether they tell us the truth or not is up to them!

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