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'Men's Room Mayhem' rated for Vita in Australia


A Vita game called "Men's Room Mayhem" has been rated by the Classification Board in Australia. It's the work of developer Sawfly Studios, a group of four former Sony Liverpool employees.

Sawfly hasn't officially announced its game yet, but on the studio's website, art director Jon Eggelton said "We take a lot of inspiration from games like That Game Company's Journey, and Playdead's Limbo." Maybe Sawfly is working on two games? It's either that, or we're heading to a future in which something called "Men's Room Mayhem" surprises us with subtlety and beauty.

We've asked publisher Ripstone just what this is, because there's no way we can read that title and not have questions. Ripstone confirmed its existence, but is still waiting to make an official announcement. "What I can say is it's a game about mens rooms and what goes on behind closed cubicle doors (but not in a dodgy way!)" the publisher told us.

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