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Todoist, a web-based task manager available for iOS


With the staggering amount of task-management apps out on the market, we shouldn't think in terms of which one is "best," but rather which one is "best for you." Todoist is a web-based task-management app that offers all of the basics you expect via to-do lists. However it has one killer feature that makes it incredibly useful for my specific needs. Namely: nested lists.

Todoist separates your lists into projects and then tasks, which can be added on the website and accessed via their handily iOS app. You can even add subtasks for an extra layer of detail. For example to help with keeping track of chores around the house, I made a project called Chores. In that project each room is listed as a task, with sub-tasks for doing the dishes, sweeping and cleaning the cat box.

What could be incredibly complicated is a breeze thanks to the clean design of the web and app interfaces. Using two arrows you can move tasks right or left to nest them with your projects. You can also drag and drop tasks for easy reordering. Todoist also has browser plugins so you can add projects on the fly without opening a new page or pulling out your phone.

When you're done with a task, simply check it off your lists. You can leave items crossed out on your screen or move them to an archive. In addition, the handy settings allow you to easily color-code labels, set deadlines and edit tasks. If this all seems complicated, don't worry. It comes with a clear and helpful walkthrough.

The service also has a premium option, though the apps and website are free to use. The iOS app allows you to work offline, meaning commuters can create lists on the fly. However the free program is missing some major features that could turn off budget users. Features like the ability to filter completed tasks, add notes to tasks, push notifications and integration with iCal are strictly for paying customers. In addition, premium users get SSL encryption for their tasks. My shopping lists don't need to be secured, but it's worth noting when considering Todoist.

The premium version of Todoist is available for US$29 per year. Todoist doesn't revolutionize task management, but its easy-to-learn interface and nested lists make it ideal for people who want a simple, yet powerful tool for keeping their day organized.

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