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Korg M01D waits for the drop on 3DS eShop this summer


The Korg M01D synthesizer suite for 3DS is coming to the eShop this summer, Detune has announced.

M01D is a full music-creation tool with lots of sample beats and sounds to draw from. You can share music files over Wi-Fi and even save files to an SD card for quick importing into your favorite editing program.

Detune has revealed no price for Korg M01D at this time, but it's set to launch in Japan next month so perhaps that will give us an idea. Korg M01D is an improved version of Korg M01, which launched in Japan back in 2010 and never made its way over to the States. Korg M01D's predecessors include the DS-exclusive Korg DS-10 and improved Korg DS-10 Plus, both published in North America by XSeed.

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