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Play a game of Mega Man ZZZZZZ with this pillow set


We understand that you're on the fringe of sleeping – a renegade REMer who doesn't conform to society's rules of rest – but you've seriously got to stop using that Dead or Alive 5 body pillow; it's gross. Enter this more wholesome and elaborate Mega Man sleeping ensemble from Capcom, including a Mega Buster pillow you can slide your arm into and a Mega Man helmet pillow you can slide your head into.

The kit isn't for sale yet – it's coming in July – but Capcom has already opened up pre-orders through its Japanese site. The helmet and cannon will set you back ¥6,090 (around $60). Not listed: the price of waking from a dream world where Mega Man Universe exists only to find out it doesn't exist at all.

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